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Canada gears up for Super Seniors World Team Championships

Oct 06, 2017
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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An impressive Canadian contingent is getting ready, as the 2017 ITF Super Seniors World Team Championships are just around the corner. The event kicks off on Sunday, October 8 through to October 13 at the USTA National Campus in Lake Nona, Orlando.

Canada will compete in nine different team events in the upcoming tournament, and are hungry to best last year’s results in the always highly-competitive event. The Doris Hart Cup team secured the country’s old medal, winning bronze in the women’s over-80 category.

Division Event Team (captain’s names in bold)
Women’s over-65 Kitty Godfree Cup Louise Moulin, Micheline Berry, Jean Martin, and Paddy Mann
Women’s over-70 Althea Gibson Cup Mary Anne Gaskin, Eileen Clark, Patricia McLachlan, and Lili Dontigny
Women’s over-75 Queen’s Cup Micheline Trussell, Monic Houde, Louise Langston, and Dineka VandeBurgt
Women’s over-80 Doris Hart Cup Inge Weber, Muffie Grieve, Evelyn Hustwit, and Rosemarie Asch
Men’s over-65 Britannia Cup James Boyce, Tim Griffin, Dennis Ing, and Daryl Howes-Jones
Men’s over-70 Jack Crawford Cup Ken Dahl, Don McCormick, Hani Ayoub, and Fernand Martin
Men’s over-75 Bitsy Grant Cup Horst Dammholz, Jay Bochner, Guido Weber, Ali Bacha.
Men’s over-80 Gardnar Mulloy Gaston Blais, George Morfitt, Cecil Stokoe, Rene Roptin
Men’s over-85 Over-85 Cup Robert Bedard, M’hammed El-Akhbari, Brahm Faber

Draws will be held on Saturday, along with the Opening Ceremony featuring all countries in their official team clothing. The official kick-off dinner will be held later that night at Sea World in Orlando. Play kicks off on Sunday, and Friday’s finals will wrap up what is shaping out to be an exciting week of action. For up-to-date scores, draws, and order-of-play, please visit the official ITF website.

About the event

The ITF Super-Seniors World Team Championships consists of 9 Team Cups and is the highest ranked team event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players in the age categories of 65-85* (*Mens 85).

Each team consists of a maximum of 4 players with ties consisting of 2 singles matches and a double match.

Each Team Cup is played under a round robin format in the initial stages after which a knock-out  principle can be adopted to produce a final list of all teams