On May 25th, 2024, the ORC Calcutta event brought together tennis enthusiasts for a day of fun, creativity, and fierce competition in support of Tennis Canada’s community tennis initiatives for children. This year’s event was a resounding success, raising an impressive $32,770, which is $10,000 more than last year!

The highlight of the Calcutta was undoubtedly the creativity displayed in the team names and costumes. The winners for best team were “Royalty in the Court,” while the “Net Prophets” took home the award for best costume with their divine-themed attire, complete with tennis netting.

Each year, teams begin their preparations six weeks before the event, allowing them time to collaborate, bond, and come up with unique names and costumes. Even after nine years, the creativity continues to impress. Notable teams included “Dr. Deuce,” inspired by Dr. Seuss characters; “The Way Outs,” dressed as the Flintstones’ musical group; and “Painting the Lines,” who came as colorful crayons.

The ORC Calcutta is not just about tennis and pickleball; it’s about fostering a sense of community and fun. Participants compete fiercely, but the ultimate goal is to support Tennis Canada’s children’s camp. This year’s event, organized by Vicky Gunter and Lisa Kendall, showcased the spirit of camaraderie and creativity that defines the Calcutta, making it a cornerstone of the tennis community’s fundraising efforts.

Thanks to the generosity of the participants and the allure of the captains lounge tickets, this year’s Calcutta was a spectacular success, making a significant impact on Tennis Canada’s mission to promote tennis among children.

Here’s to many more years of creativity, competition, and community spirit at the ORC Calcutta!