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Our favourite Sharon Fichman life hacks

Feb 21, 2016
written by: Heather Marrin
written by: Heather Marrin
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We can’t get enough of 25-year-old, tennis pro, Sharon Fichman. With a Twitter bio that reads like a mantra we should all recite into the morning mirror: “Do what you love for as long as you can. If you can’t laugh at yourself, l’ll do it for you,” lately we’ve been turning to her social feeds for advice on anything and everything. From mundane tasks like how-to tie the perfect knot to answers for life’s big picture questions, Fichman has it together and has been keeping us inspired to live our life sunny-side up.

Ready to live your best life? Here’s a round-up of our favourite answers to a few of life’s common queries from our fearless life leader and motivational guru:

Are you feeling doubtful?

Or, questioning the worth of size?

Or, maybe your wondering what to add your Las Vegas itinerary?

Okay, maybe you’re not in Las Vegas, but you are travelling and not quite sure how to take the perfect photo?

Or, not quite sure what to do with your night:

Or, you’re struggling to tie the perfect knot:

Or, you’ve just found yourself in some other seemingly unpleasant scenario:

Whatever life hands you, just trust Fichman when she says:

And most importantly, never forget to:

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