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Tennis Canada aims to grow participation amongst kids with launch of grassroots campaign

May 10, 2016
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada

New PSA encourages parents and children to ‘Find their Moment’

With the launch of a new grassroots tennis campaign, Tennis Canada is aiming to increase awareness and stimulate participation amongst children by illustrating the incredible moments one can experience through tennis. Entitled ‘Find their Moment’, the campaign highlights Kids Tennis and will hit markets across Canada on Tuesday.

This new campaign comes on the heels of Tennis Canada’s 125th anniversary, a year in which the organization launched a complete re-brand, including new logo, website, and ‘Live the Moment’ campaign which focused on values such as perseverance, discipline, grace, integrity, and honour. ‘Find their Moment’ is an evolution of last year’s campaign, making it more relatable to kids and sharing the unforgettable moments they can make while playing tennis. Its values are fun, friendship, spirit, laughter, and joy.

With a vision of becoming a world-leading tennis nation, the grassroots campaign coincides with a new five-year strategic plan for Tennis Canada which sees growing tennis participation in kids under 12 as a major priority.

“Tennis is a sport for life, and that starts with Kids Tennis – with kids picking up a racquet for the first time and feeling that sense of accomplishment as they hit the ball over the net,” said Kelly Murumets, president and CEO, Tennis Canada. “With ‘Find their Moment’ we are hoping to show parents the positive impact tennis can have on their children in all aspects of their lives, and at the same time show kids how much fun they can have playing tennis with their friends. We hope more and more children across the country will be introduced to our wonderful sport and join the burgeoning Canadian tennis community.”

Anchored by a 30-second public service advertisement, the campaign will appear in print, online and on both major and speciality broadcasters for a period of six weeks in both English and French, reaching all provinces and territories.

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“This campaign speaks to parents who want to give their children a lifelong sport and virtues that will support them through the highs and lows of life,” said Marcus Wiseman, partner at Revolution, the agency behind the new campaign. “Tennis in Canada is exploding at the professional level but also at the grassroots thanks to programs such as Kids Tennis for younger children and a growing number of camps, coaches and facilities.”

An affordable, accessible, and safe sport, tennis can be played by people of all ages and abilities. One of the fastest-growing sports in the country, recent research conducted by Tennis Canada shows that 57 per cent of Canadians showed an interest in tennis in 2015. A driving factor in this interest is the international success of homegrown stars like Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard. In terms of participation, Canada also has the second-highest new player rate in the world at 17.9 per cent. In addition, frequent play among children under 12 is rising, with 24 per cent of parents stating safety as a main reason for entering their children in tennis.

For more information about the new campaign and Kids Tennis, please visit tenniscanada.com/ThatMomentWhen.