Djokvovic in a tablet screen wishing happy birthday to a Japanese kid

Can you imagine having your idol wishing you happy birthday in a video just for you?? Man, I hope they can meet in Japan! 🥳

And that wasn’t even the first kid he’s surprised this week. So many dreams coming true these past few days. 😭

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Maybe Novak just sees himself in them and remembers his own time as a kid… 🏆

Matteo Berrettini is just living his best life

I imagine after you give so many on-court interviews where you just repeat the same cliché things over an over, you just want to be honest for once.

There you go, you can say it! You went there to win after all! 😂

Once every 10 years, a tennis racket just bails.

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ racket had enough and decided it was time to try new things in life.

Here’s the original source lol. Radwanska’s reaction is absolutely priceless. I love Aga, I wish she hadn’t retired…  

The bottom of the Internet

You know when you’ve been browsing for so long you end up seeing the weirdest things online? Well, it appears you can find tennis content there too.

And the tennis players themselves seem to be the content creators. Ok, I think it’s time to log out for the week. 🤪