Love is a beautiful thing pretty much everywhere…except on the tennis court. But just for Valentine’s Day, we couldn’t help but feeling that maybe love isn’t the worst thing in the world. Players and fans alike weighed in for a special Valentine’s edition of Tweets of the week!

We had to start with this picture…the amount of cuteness…we can’t even.

You couldn’t be more right, Genie, and we all wish we were back in elementary school getting Valentines from our crushes!

To Bi or not to Bi…a Grand Slam champion.

Pretty creative emoji work from our friends over at the Cincinnati Open! Love and tennis belong together.

I feel like we’ve seen this tennis heart before…we stan a great Valentine’s poem though!

Thank you @tennis, we definitely didn’t know we needed this until now.

We wish things like this still happened on the court!

This one is interesting…let’s just pretend that’s a Canadian flag.

NY Open, NY written in hearts…this is nice.

First time we’re hearing about Galentines Day, but we like it. Oh, and waffles and tennis aren’t so bad either!

Just like we said, love means NOTHING in tennis…except today.

And, of course, we love our rising Canadians star Leylah Fernandez. Happy Valentine’s Day to all