Serena Williams watches on court as Olympia, her daughter, plays tennis

Photo : @serenawilliams

Mothers Day special

This past Sunday was a very special day, the day we celebrate one of the most important persons in our lives: our moms! Here’s a few shoutouts from the tennis world to all the tennis moms and, of course, the moms to be (you’re going to be a great mom, Caro!) 💖

Nadal vs Shapovalov – an oil-painting of an epic

This week, the Internazionali BNL d’Italia brought some more amazing tennis for us to enjoy. And, if you’re a Canadian tennis fan, it’s likely that you found a way to be glued to a screen as Denis Shapovalov oh-so-nearly took down 9-time champion Rafael Nadal in the third round.

Surely we would have been extatic with the win, but his performance alone was insane and I can barely wait to see him back on court!

Nadal surely is a man of his word. Talk the talk, walk the walk ⬇️

Break time is over

We sure are not living in the most usual times, so understandably a few players also are deciding to take long breaks. They have their reasons, to spend more time at home, to save energy for the biggest tournaments, or to heal from injuries.

Anyways, it’s good to see them back on court! Here’s Novak Djokovic, who only just skipped Madrid, but fans missed him!

And he got to welcome another legend: Andy Murray! Murray played doubles only this week, but it’s great to see his competitive energy overflowing on the court again 😊

Also, remember when he beat Djokovic with THIS shot back in 2016? Gosh, what a year for Murray!

Let’s not forget another person who simply loves to see Andy playing: Judy Murray, his mom! Judy is such a fantastic person who has done so much for our sport (yes, WAY more than just training Andy and Jamie) specially for women in tennis.

Happy mother’s day to you too, Judy!

Serena’s millenium

Speaking of iconic women in sports, how could we not talk about Serena Williams, the player with most Grand Slam titles in the Open Era, male or female.

And here’s yet another mile stone in a career with achievements that most could only dream of having in their resume: her 1000 professional match 🤯

Congrats, Serena! Hope to see you coming back even stronger at the French Open (and happy Mothers Day! How’s Olympia doing?)