The WTN Club Matchplay program supports the delivery of leagues and other matchplay programs at tennis clubs across the country. The program provides an avenue for coaches and club administrators to introduce the ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) to club members. This allows clubs to provide a new benefit to members and in the long term WTN can be used to group members for level-based play. 



+ Simplify Administration: Organizers can easily create/generate boxes, move players between boxes, have players register online, and allow the system to manage standings. 

+ Reach More Players: Organizers can publish the club’s ladder online and increase visibility. 

+ Instant Results: Players can enter their scores themselves and are published instantly. Standings are also automatically re-calculated.  

+ Bring WTN to Club Members: Each player builds a WTN which they can use to find evenly -matched opponents anywhere in the world. 

+ Improve Programming: Organizers can group players by WTN for other club programming (ex. clinics, tournaments). WTN will provide coaches with a time-efficient and transparent method to assess players.


 REGISTRATION: Allows clubs to set up online registration and payment for matchplay programming. Clubs have the option to manually add players as well and collect payment offline.  
 OPERATIONS: Simplifies creating and managing boxes/ladders. The platform includes an automatic promotion/relegation feature which can be customized by clubs.   
 SCORE ENTRY: Allows players to enter their own scores online. Coaches/club admins have the option to disable this function and enter scores themselves if they prefer.  
 RATINGS: The platform gives players the opportunity to build their WTN. Players can opt in to share their match results with the ITF to automatically contribute to their WTN. Opting into this is not mandatory, and players can opt out at any point.  


This program is available at no charge to clubs that are affiliates/members (in good standing) of their respective Provincial/Territorial Tennis Association.  

To learn more about adopting the platform for club matchplay programming and score reporting for WTN, please contact with a preferred date and time to book a 30-minute webinar.  

Clubs that are interested in submitting their club championship results to the national-provincial mathplay platform so that tournament scores will also contribute towards players’ WTN, please contact to learn more about the Tournament Planner software.