The Club Support Program replaced the Tennis Development Centre Program and is designed to reward the key areas that contribute to the development of a strong high performance pipeline. The program consists of four core pillars that stand alone and reward clubs/players at the Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze levels.  

“The ultimate goal is to continue winning at the highest level, establish long-term top 100 player depth, and maximize the potential of players while helping them develop great human values. Working together and supporting clubs, academies, provinces, and private sector coaches that are passionate, skilled, committed and delivering results is essential.” – Jocelyn Robichaud, Head of U15 Development, Tennis Canada 

Key Elements of the Program 

  • Supporting each player based on their current conditions.
  • Working with private sector coaches to evaluate their daily training, competitive and fitness environment.
  • Working together to help fill any gaps related to each player’s development pathway and needs. This includes providing players with additional physio, court time, fitness training, coaching support, etc.

Ongoing and honest communication between Tennis Canada, private sector coaches, players and families is critical to the success of this program.

The Competition Review undertaken by Tennis Canada in consultation with coaches, clubs, academies and Provincial and Territorial Tennis Associations (PTTAs) from across the country highlighted the importance of players competing at the key stages of development. In alignment with the recommendations from the Competition Review, the U15 Team Canada Club Support program will recognize organizations for their commitment and efforts made towards hosting quality competitions for junior players. 

With the overall goal being to develop players, funding will be focused on the key stages of development in accordance with the Whole Player Development Pathway (WPDP).  

The following areas will be eligible for funding through the Hosting Competitions pillar: 

  • U9/U10 Circuit 
  • U12/U14 tournaments 
  • U16/U18 tournaments 
  • WTN Challenge Matches 

Up to $400,000 in funding will be available to clubs under the “Hosting Competitions” pillar. The funding will be split as follows: 

Click here for more details about the hosting competition pillar funding.

The Whole Player Development Pathway (WPDP) Training Environment pillar rewards clubs with a positive training environment that is aligned with the WPDP. Clubs who meet the minimum requirements are awarded funding based on their coaching staff and player performance. 

WPDP Training Environment Funding: 

  • Clubs who complete all three entry criteria are awarded points for player performance at Nationals, payers meeting minimum tournament guidelines, National rankings, and coaching staff certification level. 
  • Points earned by clubs under four different categories will be totaled. Based on a club’s point total, they are awarded funding under the following four tiers:    

Click here for more details on the entry criteria and points.  

See APPLICATION section below to apply.

The Player Results pillar provides funding support directly to players to help offset the costs associated with training and competition. Players are awarded funding based on achieving specific standards. 

Through extensive research, Tennis Canada has developed two sets of standards with corresponding criteria for players to unlock funding: 


To receive funding under the Development Standards, players are assessed by the U15 Coaching Development Committee on a specified set of evaluation criteria. The criteria evaluates a player’s technical, tactical, physical, and mental competencies. Criteria were developed based on the corresponding Whole Player Development Pathway guidelines for that age and stage. 

Development Standards funding is the funding available for U15 Canadian Prospect Team players. 


Performance Standards have been established for players tracking Top 250 (bronze), Top 100 (silver), Top 50 (gold), and Top 10 (platinum). 

For each age category, multiple results and ranking standard have been identified for corresponding bands (bronze, silver, gold, platinum).  

To receive funding players must meet a combination of 1 result standard and 1 ranking standard. 

Girls Performance Standards funding begins at age 13 and is available until age 21. 

Boys Performance Standards funding begins at age 14 and is available until age 22. 

If an athlete achieves the performance standards throughout the year, it is their responsibility to submit an application to let us know they have done so. See APPLICATION section below for the link.  

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National Bank Little Aces

The National Bank Little Aces program is a player identification and development program for 6–8-year-olds. The program aims to improve the overall development of these young participants with the goal of retaining them in the competitive stream of tennis. Selected clubs will receive grants to enhance the training of identified players.

Click Here to find out more about the National Bank Little Aces program.


Click Here Applications for the WPDP Training Environment

Click Here for Performance Standard and Ranking Submission Form

WPDP Training Environment Application Opens September 1st. Deadline to apply is October 15th.