As athletes increasingly share their struggles with mental health challenges, Tennis Canada recognizes the importance of investing in mental health and wellness and is committed to taking action.  

As such, we have partnered with the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Own The Podium, the Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport, and Game Plan to design and implement a long-term strategy to improve the mental health and wellness of Tennis Canada athletes, coaches, parents, and staff. By leveraging the expertise of our partner organizations, we hope to become a leading voice in the mental health narrative in Canadian sport. 

Tennis Canada is the first National Sport Organization (NSO) to build an NSO-wide Mental Health Strategy based on the National Mental Health Strategy for High Performance Sport in Canada. The national Strategy was launched in 2021 to guide leaders across the Canadian sport system to improve the mental health outcomes of its participants.   

The purpose of this national strategy is to help organizations develop a plan to ensure all members involved in sport have the knowledge and skills to meet their mental health needs.  

Tennis Canada is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment and to treating mental health as a crucial part of a tennis player’s performance journey. 



Promote healthy habits and bring awareness to the importance of mental health and wellness to reduce stigma and improve help-seeking. 

Mental Time Out, Yoga during the family weekend, NBO 2023. Photo by Rosanna U.
World Team Cup, MEX. Photo by Mara Chaplin.


Implement strategies to support the mental health and wellness of Tennis Canada athletes, families, and staff. 


Ensure that our athletes, families, and staff receive or are referred to the right experts for evaluation and treatment. 

U12, Internationnal Cup 2023, athletes taking a break. Photo taken by Peter Figura.

A game-changing mental health initiative, Mental Timeout supported by Beneva aims to build on Tennis Canada’s mission to improve the wellbeing of all tennis players across Canada and to ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all those who pick up a racquet.    

Resource Hub – Mental Health Resources 

In the event of an emergency or a crisis, please call 9-1-1 for immediate assistance or go to your nearest hospital emergency room. 

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call or text 9-8-8. 

Coaching Association of Canada  

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) provides mental health and sport resources for athletes, coaches, parents, and staff. The CAC resource hub includes a list of resources related to performance, well-being, athlete transition, ADHD, and more.

Visit the Website

The Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport 

The Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport (CCMHS) offers collaborative sport-informed mental health care services and resources designed to help athletes (16+ years old), coaches, and staff achieve their performance goals while preserving their well-being.  For more details on how to access, visit their website.

For more details on how to access their resources.

Game Plan 

Game Plan offers mental health resources for Sport Canada carded athletes and non-carded senior national team athletes and coaches. Athletes can access mental health, career, and transition resources.

Visit the Website

** Tennis Canada Safe Sport Toolkit coming soon! 

Meet our new Wellness Director – Marie-Josée Bellemare 

Marie-Josée is responsible for working closely with the Tennis Canada high performance athletes, parents, coaches, and staff to provide wellness and lifestyle assistance. She supports the implementation of Tennis Canada’s Mental Health Strategy by helping to connect those in the Tennis Canada ecosystem with the support they require. 

Contact at mjbellemare@tenniscanada.com


Mental Timeout supported by Beneva is an initiative based on two commitments: a commitment that Tennis Canada makes towards the future of the sport, and a commitment that Tennis Canada seeks from everyone towards tennis in Canada, both on-site at events and on social media, encouraging a written show of support through The Positive Court Pledge.