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Monday, Sep 13
Leylah Fernandez delighted people all around Canada in the past two weeks. With each and every win, she grew stronger and our cheers grew louder. But not only ours:...
Professional Men and Women
Monday, Sep 13
If you were told before the US Open began that a Canadian would make the final, it would not have seemed like an overly bold prediction. Bianca Andreescu was...
Experts Corner
Sunday, Sep 12
By their mid-20s most people have matured enough to understand the emotional intensity of life for teenagers like Leylah Fernandez, 19, and Emma Raducanu, 18, – not to mention...
Professional Men and Women
Saturday, Sep 11
It was a fairy tale run for Leylah Fernandez in New York with three wins over Top 5 opponents and a plethora of breath-taking performances that will live long...
Experts Corner
Friday, Sep 10
There’s an expression in Québec – il perd les pédales – which literally means he’s losing the (bicycle) pedals. That’s what seemed to happen to Félix Auger-Aliassime in the...
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