Find information for parents of competitive junior players to assist in understanding and navigating the player development pathway and junior competitive landscape. The overall goal is to provide a positive and healthy competitive environment for our young players to enjoy the sport.

There are 8 key sections: Safe Sport, Fair Play, Being a Sport Parent, Getting Started, Understanding the Competitive Environment, Navigating the Player Pathway, US College and Canadian University Tennis, and Careers: Coaching and Officiating

safe play

Providing a tennis environment that is safe for all children is paramount. Tennis Canada is committed to ensuring that measures are taken to provide healthy and positive places for children to compete.

Read Tennis Canada’s Statement of Commitment and learn about other resources available in this area.

Safe Sport Contact Information

If you have concerns about the safety of a young person, please email If someone is in immediate danger, call the police (911).

fair play

Providing a competitive environment in which all matches are contested fairly is essential to ensuring a positive experience for all players. Everyone must work together to make this happen including Tennis Canada, Provincial Associations, players, parents and officials. Read the fair play statements for all groups in this section.

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Being a Sport Parent

Being a sport parent can be challenging as you watch your child compete. How you handle yourself while your child is playing and competing in tennis, or any other sport, will affect not only performance on the court but also the level of enjoyment and emotional well being. This section is full of valuable tips and even a Respect in Sport Program to complete.

auger-aliassime plays tennis with kids

Getting Started: Kids Tennis

If you are considering tennis for your child, or have just started in the sport, then view all the opportunities available in our sport of a lifetime. Follow a pathway and find the right fit for your child.

Quality standards for Kids Tennis

Quality Standards for Kids Tennis aims to raise the quality and consistency of children’s tennis programs to provide safe environments and positive experiences that promote life-long participation

Kids Tennis

Kids Tennis introduces the sport of tennis in a fun and interactive way and ensures immediate success for young players aged 5-10. Using modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts, young players are properly equipped to enjoy rallies and learn the fundamentals of the game early on.


The Rogers First Set Tour – Rookie is a national program designed to bridge the gap between entry-level tennis and the provincial competitive junior circuit. Rookie events offer beginner competitors a fun and exciting experience with multiple opportunities to play.


The Rogers First Set Tour – Rising Stars provides young Canadian tennis players (ages 7 to 10) with an opportunity to play competitive tennis in a fun environment.

Understanding the Competitive Environment

Knowing what to expect at tournaments leads to a more relaxed and positive environment for everyone. This section includes information for tournaments at both the provincial and national levels.


Navigating the Player Pathway

Understanding the various pathways available for your child within tennis can make the overall experience simpler, and more relaxing. The early stages of tennis development are particularly important to ensure the right balance and focus for your child.


US College & Canadian University Tennis

There are many opportunities for your child once they graduate from junior tennis. Their passion for tennis can be pursued at the University level in both Canada and the United States.


Careers: Coaching and officiating

Tennis provides a myriad of career opportunities in national or provincial associations, coaching, and officiating to name a few. This section provides basic information on what is available.

There may be a career in tennis for your child. The natural step after finishing competitive junior tennis is to pursue instructor and coaching certification, or officiating. Both could lead to excellent summer or full-time employment.

Consider the following careers as well:

  • Coaching

How to become a coach:

Jobs Available:

  • Officiating
  • Tennis Canada
  • Provincial Tennis Association
  • Club Management
  • Events Management
  • Administration
  • Journalism
  • Broadcasting