Is Your Coach Actively TPA Certified?  

The relationship between a tennis coach and player is one of the most integral learning experiences of your child’s professional career. No other interaction will be as impactful or educational as the on-going bond they will share for many years to come.  

A tennis coach becomes a central figure in your child’s life for both their professional and personal development, on an off the court—and with that, comes great responsibility.  

At Tennis Canada we want to encourage a safe and stable learning environment for your future champion at all costs. To ensure this we believe every coach in Canada should be actively certified by the Tennis Professional Association (TPA).   

The Tennis Professional Association is Tennis Canada’s Coaching Development arm and strives to be a world leader in the coaching profession through world-class training and support. The TPA is a member-based association devoted to growing the game and profession of tennis coaching throughout Canada, by providing customized, competency-based, cutting-edge, and on-going coach education and resources to develop and support tennis instructors, club professionals, and coaches across the country.  

The TPA and the Provincial Tennis Associations work together to deliver the coaching education program, which is part of the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) under the leadership of the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC). Additionally, the TPA is among the very few national tennis associations in the world that have received a “Gold Standard” recognition from the International Tennis Federation (ITF) for demonstrating the highest standard of coaching development and certification course. 

A TPA certified coach has passed the highest standards and criteria deemed necessary to safeguard your child and their practice at all times—throughout their career.  

They include: 

  • Trained and certified under TPA’s Gold Standard curriculum (highest level awarded by International Tennis Federation) 
  • Trained and evaluated on NCCP Making Ethical Decisions module (through Coaching Association of Canada) 
  • Trained in technical, tactical, mental, sport science and physical player development 
  • Commitment to ongoing professional development every 2-4 years, based on certification level 
  • Active means up-to-date. Your coach could be formally certified, but if they haven’t renewed their certification and learnings every 2-4 years, they are not considered active. 
  • Valid updated background check on file 
  • Signed Declaration & adherence to TPA Code of Conduct 
  • Personal liability insurance up to $2MM 

Connecting the Dots: The 3 Pillars of TPA Certification  

TPA certification includes 3 distinct pillars, each serving to create a sport environment that is Safe, Smart, and Secure

1. Rule of Two 

A safe sport environment ensures all coaches, staff, and administrators apply the Rule of Two. When following the Rule of Two, all interactions and communications with participants are in open, observable, and justifiable settings, and two responsible adults — whether a coach, parent, staff or screened volunteer — are present. There may be exceptions in emergency situations. Check with your sport organization as to how the Rule of Two is enforced. 

2. Background Screening 

A secure sport environment is one where all coaches and sport organization leaders are screened to meet requirements to be involved in sport. Screening includes comprehensive background and reference checks, interviews, plus police information checks, to be done at regular intervals. 

3. Ethics Training  

A smart sport environment ensures coaches are trained and have the confidence and skills needed to effectively manage challenging situations. Lifelong learning through numerous training modules helps coaches expand their knowledge and awareness of important topics throughout their career. 

In accordance to Coaches Association of Canada (CAC) guidelines, Tennis Canada with the support of its provincial partners has made it mandatory for everyone that is coaching, instructing, or assisting and that is in a position of authority in all indoor and outdoor clubs in Canada to complete the following safe sport education and screening requirements: 

1. Code of Conduct (online form) – must be signed once a year 

2. Declaration of Character (online form) – must be completed once a year 

3. Background Check (can be done online) – must be completed every three years 

4. Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders (online education module) – must be completed every three years 

Parents: If Your Child’s Coach is NOT Listed as an Active TPA Certified CoachSpeak Up!  

We believe that parents should be active participants in learning about their child’s coach’s credentials and on-going development activities.  The following are some talking points and guidelines on how to broach the topic with your child’s current coach.  

In TPA We Trust  

At Tennis Canada we want to educate parents on why these credentials matter and ensure a safe, fun and inclusive environment while promoting positive tennis experiences for the duration of your child’s practice/career.