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Peter Dimmer

Year Inducted1993 HometownToronto, Ontario

Major Accomplishments

Created junior tennis programs at several Toronto area clubs and other facilities between 1952-1986.
Founded the Dimmer Tennis School in 1970.
Has coached some of Canada’s top players.
Co-Founder of the OTA Tennis Teaching Committee


Peter Dimmer began a career in tennis in Canada in the early 1950’s. He was the tennis professional at several clubs over the years. He was instrumental in promoting the sport through the development of junior programs, coaching junior players, and the running of the Dimmer Tennis School.

Dimmer was a major influence not only with tennis in Ontario, but tennis in Canada. He played a large role in the development of the Queens Club, which was the first indoor tennis facility in Toronto that started in 1957. He also established several junior programs and tried to get Ontario clubs to take part in running the programs at their facilities. Dimmer was a co-founder along with Lawrie Strong of the OTA Tennis Teaching Committee. They developed the original manuals and programs that guided instructors. He was the chair of the tennis teaching committee for 11 years from 1970-1981. The Committee was involved in certifying tennis instructors. Peter was also the referee at the Canadian Open and Closed tennis championships and in 1969 he served as the Canadian Open tournament director. Dimmer also worked with others on improving officiating of tournaments through the establishment of the Umpires Association.

In 1970, Dimmer founded the Dimmer Tennis School which operated in Toronto for nearly 20 years. The tennis school focused on junior summer tennis camps for children using the facilities at several of the private schools in downtown Toronto. The tennis school also ran programs for adults.