Tennis demands confidence and self-belief to reach peak performance. The Positive Court Pledge acknowledges the need for a more open conversation to reduce stigma around struggles with mental health.

I pledge to make tennis safer and healthier for everyone, and to promote mental wellbeing and resilience.

Words matter, so I pledge to use them to inspire, support, respect and encourage tennis athletes.

I pledge to respect the rules of tennis, and be considerate to officials, organizers, and volunteers.

I pledge to model good conduct and character on and off the court to distinguish tennis as a sport that welcomes everyone.

For the love of tennis, sign the Pledge now!


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about the positive court pledge


The Positive Court Pledge is a written promise from those involved in Canadian tennis that aims to create an environment that is supportive, safe and thriving. People will be invited to sign it to show their support. The pledge will live online and will have a specific page on the Tennis Canada website where people can learn more and sign. 

for whom is it intented for?

It is aimed at anyone who is involved in the world of tennis, at anyone who will set foot in the stadium, watch the matches from home or interact with the athletes online. The Pledge applies equally to tennis associations, fans, employees, media, volunteers and others.

what does the pledge aim to accomplish?

The Positive Court Pledge aims to ensure that people in all corners of the sport can experience tennis in its full beauty.

Tennis Canada intends to collect signatures from the many stakeholders of the sport, all pledging their willingness to create a positive, supportive and healthy environment so that tennis and its players may thrive.