The first completed National Bank Play Your Court revitalization took place in the City of Brampton’s Morris Kerbel Park in 2022. (Photo: Torchia)

Stanley Park (BC) and White Oaks Park (ON) to receive funding to revitalize their tennis courts

Tennis Canada is pleased to announce the National Bank Play Your Court Program, an initiative aimed to help municipalities revitalize their outdoor public tennis courts, has selected Stanley Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, and White Oaks Park in London, Ontario, as the next two locations to receive funding to renovate their current facilities.

Funded by National Bank and launched in 2022, the initiative makes available $3 million that will be directed to over 100 courts across the country by 2030. With the growing interest for tennis and the need to update many outdoor community courts, the program not only gives these facilities a much-needed upgrade but will hopefully encourage more players to pick up a racquet and enjoy the benefits of the sport.  


  • This year, Stanley Park’s six outdoor courts and White Oaks Park – a two-court facility – will be receiving significant upgrades to their sites, including the resurfacing of their tennis courts as well as gaining new posts, nets, court perimeter fencing, gates, and signage.
  • Construction has already begun on the projects at Stanley Park and White Oaks Park.
  • Vancouverites will be the first to benefit from their revitalized facility, as the six courts will be ready in time for the National Bank Stanley Park Open. The tournament, a junior J100 tournament held from July 8 to 15, announced National Bank as its title partner in May. A grand opening ceremony will take place at Stanley Park on June 29.
  • As part of a larger improvement including new bike paths, parking, and additional amenities, the City of London plans to complete its two refurbished courts in White Oaks Park this summer.
  • The National Bank Play Your Court Program kicked off its first project at Morris Kerbel Park in Brampton Ontario in 2022, restoring the community courts with up-to-date equipment.
  • Once both 2023 projects are completed, the program will have delivered a total of 12 revitalized courts since its launch in 2022. Starting in 2024, the goal is to offer similar grants to four municipalities per year until 2030.

More on the courts at Stanley Park

  • Municipality: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Opening ceremony: June 29, 2023
  • Revitalized courts: 6
  • Usage: At Stanley Park, Tennis BC will continue to provide accessible and inclusive outdoor tennis programming for all ages and levels

More on the courts at White Oaks Park

  • Municipality: London, Ontario
  • Opening ceremony: Spring 2024 (Courts will be open in summer 2023)
  • Revitalized courts: 2
  • Usage: The refurbished courts will help encourage and support outdoor tennis in London

If you are interested to get more information about the program and to see if your outdoor courts are eligible, please head over to


“We are thrilled to announce that Vancouver’s Stanley Park and White Oaks Park in London will receive funding through the National Bank Play Your Court program in 2023,” said Michael Downey, Chief Executive Officer, Tennis Canada. “As an organization, we are committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to play and enjoy the game of tennis. Through our partnership with National Bank, we continue to make strides towards creating a more positive playing experience and making tennis even more accessible for all Canadians.”

“We are very thankful for our partnerships with Tennis BC and Tennis Canada, which led our participation in the National Bank Play Your Court Program,” said Scott Jensen, Chair of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. “This grant not only encourages year-round training and play on restored courts, but also gives Vancouver the opportunity to host world-class tournaments locally, like the upcoming National Bank Stanley Park Open.”

“The City of London is pleased to partner with National Bank and Tennis Canada to upgrade two existing tennis courts in White Oaks Park,” commented Josh Morgan, City of London Mayor. “This improvement will benefit over 100,000 residents in southwest London. The upgrades also align with our Parks and Recreation Master Plan and the objective to create better quality tennis courts due to the high demand of the sport in London.”