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Charlotte Robillard-Millette

BirthdateJanuary 12 1999 Birth placeMontreal, QC ResidenceBlainville, QC Height5’9’’ (1.80 m) Playsleft-handed, two-handed backhand


What is your favourite sport other than tennis? Hockey What is your favourite sports team? Montreal Canadiens Who is your favourite athlete? Roger Federer What is your favourite TV show? Gossip Girl What is your favourite food? I really like sushi, but also pizza… it’s a tough question. If I am feeling fancy, I go with sushi. Otherwise, it’s pizza. Which actress would play you in a movie? Blake Lively What super power you wish you could have? There are many, but I think eating as much as I can without gaining weight would be cool. What is your secret obsession? I love dogs. What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you? Probably that I am a pretty self-centered person. Describe yourself in 3 words Sociable, determined, and impatient. Other than tennis, what are you most passionate about? I like reading, listening to music, shopping, taking pictures, hanging out with friends, watching TV, spending time with family and my dog, and cooking once in a while.