The goal of the Officiating department is to train high quality officials and to build a system that provides an opportunity to pursue Officiating as both a passion and a profession, thereby creating a pathway from grassroots to high performance levels.

In order to become an official, a person must first attend an Introduction to Officiating clinic. The purpose of this clinic is to introduce new Officials to the Rules of Tennis, the Code of Conduct and the basic techniques and procedures of Officiating. These clinics provide an introduction to the basic elements of three roles: the Line Umpire, the Roving Umpire and the Chair Umpire. More details on all of the officiating roles are provided in the section Roles of Officials.

The purpose of these clinics is to ensure a high standard of officiating, as well as to promote uniformity and consistency of officiating throughout Canada.

Clinics are held in each province at various times throughout the year and details of upcoming clinics can be found here.

On successful completion of the introductory clinic, new officials are encouraged to get as much experience as possible. After having acquired the appropriate practical experience, officials can progress in officiating by attending more advanced clinics where their abilities and knowledge will be developed.

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