Summer Community Tennis Leagues are now available in BC, Ontario, and Quebec!

Community Tennis Leagues are for players looking to connect and organize friendly matches with similarly skilled players in their community.

Community Tennis Leagues provides a platform for players to track their matches, scores and progress while being able to win prizes along the way.

Who can join?

Community Tennis Leagues are open to all players over the age of 18. League registration is organized into three divisions based on skill level: beginner (ready for my first match of the season), intermediate and advanced. Learn more

Where can you play?

Leagues are available in multiple municipalities in BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Players are welcome to register into multiple areas. View leagues

How does it work?

  1. Select your local area and the appropriate division based on your skill level
  2. If you want to play doubles, find a partner and make sure you both have a registered account
  3. Register for the upcoming session and we’ll put you in box with 6-8 other players/pairs
  4. Arrange matches when and where you like based on the contact info provided
  5. Enter your match results online and win prizes. Learn more

The main goal of Community Tennis Leagues is to provide a platform to allow players to connect with others to organize matches at their local courts.

The idea is simple: you can play anytime, anywhere, and most important against players of a similar skill level. You can track your tennis journey on our online platform, where your matches and scores help us pair you with the right playing partners in your community!

After your first few registered matches, your ITF World Tennis Number (WTN) will be automatically generated. The WTN is a global initiative led by the ITF with the goal of bringing the international tennis community together. With the help of a global rating scale, your WTN will be updated weekly based on your results, allowing you to pair up with the perfect playing partners.

By making sure that you’re playing consistently and against players of similar skill levels, your game will be taken to new heights.

Meet The Players

Li Rao is enthusiastic about Community Tennis Leagues, and was very impressed when two players from Halton Hills were willing to travel to Burlington to play matches with her. “It’s great that we support each other and encourage each other. Tennis needs more of this!” Read more

Friendly tennis matches for players of all levels

Community Tennis Leagues is operated in partnership between Tennis BC, the Ontario Tennis Association, Tennis Quebec, and Tennis Canada.