Masters Tournaments

Tennis Canada runs Masters tennis programs as well as tournaments both in Canada and internationally, allowing people from across the country to compete in events at home and on the world stage.

Tournaments in Canada

The Canadian Tournament Circuit consists of 9 ITF events (Grade A-4), 6 provincial level events. Tier 1-3, 4 regional events and 6 Masters Nationals events.

To access the 2024 Masters Tennis Calendar, click here.

ITF Seniors Tournaments

The ITF Masters Tennis Tour is a global tennis Tour that provides players aged 35 and over with a high-quality and enjoyable competitive experience. 2018 saw 26,000 registered players, and 450 tournaments take place across 70 nations.

ITF Masters tournaments range from Grade 1000 (aimed at elite players) to Grade 100 (aimed at recreational level), featuring singles, doubles and mixed doubles events for each five-year age increment from 30+ to 90+.

Please consult the Resources page for Selection Criteria, Seeding Guidelines and other important information.