Every $35 you donate equates to one junior tennis racquet in the hands of a young player. Donate before the December 19 deadline, and your donation will be DOUBLED by an anonymous donor.

You know that a racquet is more than just equipment. It’s a symbol of dreams, ambitions, and the start of an incredible journey into the world of tennis.

Join the Racquet Challenge today.

When you donate a junior racquet today, you’re helping us keep the advantage in Canada. You’re helping more young athletes have the opportunity to step onto the court, racquet in hand, ready to chase their dreams.

You’re providing the key to unlocking a child’s potential, giving them the chance to grow, compete, and win.


Share our campaign to your social channels and help us build momentum and raise more to give Canada the advantage as a Tennis Nation! Your help is greatly appreciated.

 In the event you are experiencing technical difficulties with the donation form, please email tcfund@tenniscanada.com or give us a call at 647-783-9030.