A letter from Gabriel Diallo:

Can you imagine the joy a child feels when swinging a tennis racquet for the first time? You have the power to make that moment happen.

I’m Gabriel Diallo, and I’m thrilled to announce the launch of this year’s edition of the Tennis Canada Racquet Challenge, a one-week initiative dedicated to giving the gift of tennis to children across Canada. From now until midnight (EST) on December 19, every dollar you donate to help put a racquet in the hands of a deserving child will be matched, doubling your impact.


Photo by Peter Power for Tennis Canada

My first racquet was more than a piece of equipment; it was a key that unlocked a world of potential. I still remember the weight of it in my hands, the sense of promise it held. It was not just about playing a sport; it was about learning discipline, dreaming big, and belonging to a community.

That’s why it’s crucial we ensure as many children as possible experience this. Whether it’s a future champion or a child simply finding joy in a new sport, every racquet we place in their hands opens a door to endless possibilities.

Our goal? To provide racquets to as many future stars as possible, fostering a new generation of Canadian tennis talent. Time is ticking, and we need your help before the December 19 deadline.


Thank you for believing in the power of sport and for helping to shape the future of tennis in Canada.

Gabriel Diallo