The 2023 Steve Stevens Masters Tennis Championships lands in the Montreal area this week, bringing the best over-30 players in the country together for the national titles.

There are 566 entries across 48 events being held at five different clubs in Montreal and Dorval, with competition having gotten underway on Sunday.

For the Masters Championships, competitors are broken down by age groups of five years. The youngest group is over-30, the next category being over-35 then over-40 and so on. The most-senior group at the competition is over-85. In total, there are 12 age brackets.

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Each age group contains four draws: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, and women’s doubles. Across the 12 age brackets, that brings the total number of events to 48, although there are no entries in some of the older events.

The events are spread across five clubs: Mount Royal Tennis Club, Monkland Tennis Club, Club de Tennis Woodland, and Hillside Tennis Club all in Montreal, as well as the Dorval Tennis Club.

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Most of the events are standard elimination events with draw sizes ranging from eight to 64, although most of the draws have at least a few byes. The largest draws are the men’s singles of each age bracket from 45+ to 70+ which are all 64-player draws, except for 55+ which is just a 32-player draw. The largest brackets on the women’s side are the 50+, 55+ and 60+, which are 32.

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There are five competitions that are a round-robin format due to field size. The women’s 30+ singles and doubles, women’s singles 80+, men’s doubles 80+, and men’s doubles 85+ all contain just four or fewer entries.

Play will run all week between the five clubs, with the finals wrapping up on Saturday, Aug. 26.