Tweets of the week

April 3, 2020
When Indian Wells became the first tennis tournament to fall victim to COVID-19 last month, it shocked the tennis world to its core. Wimbledon followed suit on Wednesday, and...
March 27, 2020
Can you believe it’s already been over two weeks since we first heard the term ‘social distancing’? It kind of feels like all the days are blending into each...
March 20, 2020
Before the coronavirus, it had been years since I heard the term ‘quarantine’ – and until two weeks ago, I had NEVER heard the term social distancing. But as...
March 13, 2020
This past week has felt like an eternity, hasn’t it? The well-warranted major concerns over health and safety in the wake of the global coronavirus spread has resulted in...
March 6, 2020
You may not have heard the name ‘Leylah Annie Fernandez’ in the last decade, but you’re going to hear it a lot in the next one. Just over two...