Iga Swiatek stands in front of Rafael Nadal (seated, back to camera)

Photo : @InteBNLdItalia

Despite Iga Świątek’s well known fandom for Rafael Nadal, it has actually been a few months since we got to see them together at a tournament.

Of course, given the opportunity this week in Rome, Nadal and Świątek found some time to share the court and Twitter was loving it.

Here are some of the goings on this week at the Italian Open.

First, I was but a learner…

Here in the Tweets of the Week, we love a good caption contest. And is there better fodder for fun Twitter banter than two of best players in the world on court together?

Danielle Shot First

Gif of the year?

Judge me by my size, do you?

Believe it or not, none of this is photoshopped. Just the greatest doubles pair of all time.