The Tennis Canada VR Tournament presented by the motorola razr is just two weeks old and the inaugural event is off to a flying start with time still left to determine which two players will meet in the championship final on August 11 live from the National Bank Open presented by Rogers in Montreal and Toronto.

During that time, a total of 356 players from around the world have competed in the tournament which consists of two Tennis Esports competitions: Hit ‘em all, which is a tennis precision game, and Instant Cup which is made up of real-time head-to-head VR tennis matches. This past week alone, players from Great Britain, India, Germany, and Austria among others played 2,304 Instant Cup matches.

The tournament is already full of great stories. Vimalraj Jayachandran (known as VRJ in Tennis Esports) currently sits second on the leaderboard. He’s been playing tennis since the age of 9. He played on the national circuit at home in India and even earned an ITF ranking at one point. He’s now turned to Tennis Esports in order to showcase his on-court skills after borrowing an Oculus Quest 2 from a friend. Meanwhile, Plaster59, another-top ranked player in the tournament, is actually a Canadian wheelchair tennis athlete who can experience the sport in a whole new way thanks to the realm of virtual reality.

The qualifying portion of the tournament runs until July 30 to determine the two finalists, so, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie eager to make your mark, grab your virtual racket and join the fun while trying to climb what’s turning into a competitive leaderboard.