Holger Rune in the player tunnel with an Ikea bag

in tennis you need to get creative

Have you ever complained about how expensive tennis equipment is? No more excuses: even the PROS are using Ikea bags in their matches!

Djokovic’s first-round opponent, Holger Rune, from Denmark, said the bag is perfect for his things that he brings on court.

Except now maybe Ikea will start selling this item for a lot more now that it’s been seen on TV at the US Open. Get yours before it’s too late!

Bianca’s biggest fan

Has Bianca’s dog always been there for her matches? If not, then we got ourselves a lucky charm!

She should have Coco in every tournament until her career is over. #GoBianca #TennisNation

Tennis is hard.

Man, this kid get it. We try to complicate everything with analysis and graphs, and all that, but actually we just really enjoy when players just hit winners and play rallies.

Some players don’t think tennis is just about hitting hard back and forth though.

And this Daniil Medvedev montage is the best thing I have seen today. Genius.

And holy cow, I did not realize Stefani was this much shorter than Melo… I’m about her height! There are some real giants in tennis, eh.

Monfils being Monfils

Here’s a funny clip of a guy who has had a pretty good career so far, is still playing really well, is one of the most physically capable players on tour, and just recently got married.

No I’m not jealous. Maybe a little, of his moves.

Murray-Tsitsipas 1st round match at the US Open

Not much else could have happened in this tennis match. Great tennis, nearly 5 hours, decided in the fifth set, lengthy bathroom breaks and medical timeouts, Andy gets angry. Luckily there were no lines people, otherwise the drama would go through the Arthur Ash stadium roof.

Hard to believe Nick Kyrgios was in no way involved in this! 😳