Venus and Serena Williams face each other and hold hands.

Photo : Harpers Bazaar

Just because tennis players are elite in their specific sport, it does not mean their entire existence is focused around a racket and a ball.

This week gave us a glimpse into what some of tennis’ best players get up to when they’re not on court.

Winning in Style

A lot of tennis players have been moving into the fashion world lately, like this guy.

But that trend may have peaked.

Multi-Sport Star

His tennis career is going pretty well, but apparently Daniil Medvedev has a backup plan.

Game recognizes Game

One of the biggest events of the year is of course the Super Bowl, which took place last weekend. This year’s was a bit of a Tennis-Football crossover.

And she got the result she wanted.

On the Bright Side

Fines are not uncommon in tennis, but this one is special.

Anyone have any advice for Kim?

That’s some elite company for Karen…

But come on, we all know Khachanov and Liam Hemsworth are the same person.