For both professional and amateur athletes, the practice of a sport can come with stress and hard moments. To avoid tension and to focus back on ourselves, breathing is fundamental. To help your take care of yourself through stressful times, Spa Eastman, named Canada’s Best Wellness Retreat, is pleased to introduce a new technique to your rituals: cardiac coherence.

What is cardiac coherence?

Cardiac coherence is a breathing technique which aims to regulate your heart’s bpm rate. It’s easy as… 3-6-5!

3: First, you must practice this exercise three times a day for an optimal effect and that is enduring in time.

6 and 5: You must take six deep breaths per minute for five minutes.

Simple as that! Despite the simplicity of the exercise, the effect is greatly beneficial and can be felt for as long as six hours.   

Many athletes use this technique, like tennis superstar Roger Federer. During a news story shown on RDS, the 20-time Grand Slam champion revealed that he himself uses this technique regularly and that he loves it particularly because of its simplicity. He can do it to reduce his stress before a match, after, and even between sets.

What are the benefits?

Many studies show that practicing cardiac coherence will:

  • Immediately make you feel calm
  • Reduce cortisol levels (stress hormone)
  • Increase attention and concentration capacities
  • Improve recovery after stressful activities
  • Improve pain tolerance
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Help manage stress and anxiety
  • Increase DHEA (youth hormones)

Simple, fast, and efficient 

One of the best advantages of this technique is that it can be practiced at any time, before, during and after performances. Also, there are no restrictions, side effects, or known evidence against using it.

Taking a Mental Timeout is also a simple and efficient way to improve your well-being and mental health.

Ready to start?

Many apps are also available to help you to learn and practice cardiac coherence. Some can even be linked to your smartwatch so you can see in real-time the effect on your heart rate.

About Spa Eastman

Spa Eastman is a pioneer settlement in the wellness field. Since 1977, Spa Eastman stands out by its many services and learn to his guests to feel good.   

All-inclusive programs

The Spa offers unique and all-inclusive programs that have earned it international recognition as one of the leading spas in the world. If you are the active type and want to relax while playing your favourite sports, the package “Movement” might be the right fit for you! Or if you would like nothing more than to lie down and take it slow to recharge your batteries, “At your wits end” package allows you downtime to take care of yourself. 

Every detail during your stay was carefully planned with your health in mind to help you achieve a balanced lifestyle:

  • Interaction with dedicated, professionals (naturopathy, kinesiology) 
  • Innovative, focused therapies (more than 40 body treatments using natural products)   
  • Mind-and-body workshops and activities  
  • Thermotherapy facilities and 15 km of nature trails 
  • Renowned Tonic Cuisine™   

… All amid a stunning, natural environment where well-being is front and centre!  

Your relaxation starts here

Source : Le livre qui fait du bien, Guylaine Cliche 


Mental Timeout is a Tennis Canada project focused on improving the well-being of tennis players of all ages and all levels, and ensuring a safe healthy, and supportive environment for the future of the sport. Several initiatives are available to you, such as: