Serena Williams, Will Smith, and Venus Williams stand next to each other on the red carpet.

Photo : @cbcsports

What a week, huh?

A week that started out fun with a big, flashy movie premier quickly descended into the dark, scary world of geopolitics and activism.

Relive it all in the Tweets of the Week.

All Hail the Queen

Sports movies are a popular genre, but there have not been very many great tennis movies over the years.

That is likely to change as the inevitable films about the recent generations of greats start to get made. And that wave began this week with the release of the first major film about the Williams sisters, “King Richard.”

The film premiered this week as some tennis royalty showed up on the red carpet, including two of the inspirations for the movie.

Speaking of legends

Never too late to learn some new skills.

We’ve had a Borg-McEnroe movie, kind of surprising we haven’t had a Chrissie-Martina one yet.

Where is Peng Shuai?

Normally, Tweets of the Week is supposed to be fun, highlighting the goofy and glam stuff being posted on social media.

But this week has been dominated by the disturbing story of Peng Shuai, the Chinese player who has not been seen in public since accusing a high-ranking Chinese government official of sexual assault.

Players across both tours and even other sports, tournaments, and organizations, including Tennis Canada, have taken to social media to try and spread awareness by flooding Twitter with a post and hashtag asking a very simple question: