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Anne-Marie Dolinar

Date de naissance15 mars 1991 Lieu de naissancePembroke, Ontario Lieu de résidenceToronto, Ontario Taille5'4 Joue Droitière, revers à une main


WHAT IS YOUR EARLIEST TENNIS/WHEELCHAIR TENNIS MEMORY? My first wheelchair tennis memory is of my first time trying it out - I was a month and a half post spine surgery, still wearing a full torso back brace and needed help transferring into the tennis wheelchair. But gliding onto the court felt amazing and I was immediately hooked.  HOW, WHERE, AND WHEN DID YOU START PLAYING? My mom entered me into a tournament in my small hometown of Deep River, Ontario when I was 10. I really didn’t want to go at first but then ended up having the best time and started taking tennis lessons and playing recreationally after that.  YOUR BIGGEST INSPIRATION AND WHY? My biggest tennis inspiration is Serena Williams; she’s the GOAT.  FAMILY, WHAT DO THEY DO AND HOW HAVE THEY IMPACTED YOUR TENNIS CAREER? My parents and brother are my biggest fans. I first tried tennis thanks to my mom, I’ve spent countless hours on court with my dad, and they’ve come to support me at so many tournaments. My brother has also generously “lent” me Aeroplan points to get to tournaments when needed.  FAVOURITE ATHLETE? Serena Williams  FAVOURITE TV SHOW? Grey’s Anatomy  FAVOURITE FOOD? Brown butter chocolate chip cookies (specifically the ones from Whole Foods)  WHICH ACTOR/ACTRESS WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? Aubrey Plaza  SUPER POWER YOU WISH YOU COULD HAVE? Teleportation (or just walking without a mobility aid)  WHAT’S ONE THING PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT YOU? After reading my favourite food, people might be surprised that I’m a dietitian?  DESCRIBE YOURSELF IN 3 WORDS? Honest, adventurous, resilient.  OTHER THAN TENNIS, WHAT ARE YOU MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT? Accessibility