||Photo gracieuseté de Marie Auger.

Mother’s Day is a time where we have the opportunity to show our moms how much we appreciate them and all that they do for us. Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, but they have one goal, to help their children grow and development into good people.

That is exactly what Marie Auger has done with her children, one of whom many Canadian tennis fans may recognize. In fact, Marie is mom to Canada’s rising star, Félix Auger-Aliassime. And while her son is becoming increasingly recognized for his talents on the court, it is his behaviour and values off the court that she is most proud of.

Photo courtesy of Marie Auger.

“As a mother, I of course want my son to excel in the world of tennis, but I often focus on his attitude when he is on the court. Since he was a child, Félix has had an aura when he steps onto the court, he is passionate and driven, but also displays his sensitive side. He is not just a good player, he is a good person.

With her son in the spotlight so often, she knows that he is setting a good example for the young kids who watch him. Over the past few years, Félix has become one of the faces of Canadian tennis and continues to break records in the sport. Of all of the achievements in her son’s career so far, there is one memory in particular that stands out for her.

“I remember that when Félix was younger, he had just won an important junior tournament and was very proud of himself and how he played. After the match, he noticed that his opponent was in tears due to the loss. Right away, Félix went to get Kleenex that he kept in his tennis bag and brought it to the other player. Even though he won the title and played some great tennis, that was my favourite moment from the entire tournament.”

Photo courtesy of Marie Auger.

At such a young age, the 18-year-old Canadian was already demonstrating compassion and a sense of empathy. While his star continues to rise on the international tennis scene, he remains humble and grounded, which is in line with the values he was taught growing up. Although his mom does not have a tennis background, she evidently helped instill the importance of family values with her son.

“Félix’s father was very involved in his tennis development and I tried to be the balance at home. I have good communication with my kids and they know that they can confide in me. It is not always easy being the parent of a professional tennis player, but I have grown into that role. When Félix is playing in a tournament, he is at work. I keep a positive attitude and make sure he feels supported, but I leave the tennis up to him.”

With Félix being on the road for most of the year, Marie does not get to see her son as often. Although her time with him is limited, it makes the moments that they are together extra special. Sometimes she gets to travel to tournaments with him, like earlier this year when she joined him in Indian Wells. It has become a bit of a tradition to rent a house and get set up as a family, which she believes creates a positive environment.

Unfortunately, she will not be with Félix on Mother’s Day, as he will be across the pond in Europe for a string of tournaments in Madrid and Rome.

“My kids do not need just one day every year to tell me how much they love me, they show it to me year-round. Of all the jobs that I have had in my life, my job as a mom has been my most successful.”

Félix will be returning home to play in the Rogers Cup presented by National Bank in Montreal for the very first time in his career. He is set to play his first match on Tuesday, August 6 during the afternoon session. It will be a special moment for him to be able to play in front of his family and friends as well as the wonderful fans in Montreal.


*Feature photo courtesy of Marie Auger