1.     What name was Rafael Nadal known by when he first came on the men’s tour?

a.      Rafael Sebastian Nadal

b.     Rafael Nadal Manacor

c.     Rafael Roland Nadal

d.     Rafael Nadal Parera


2.     What year did players stop sitting down at the changeover after the first game of the first set?

a.      2000

b.     2002

c.     2003

d.     1999


3.     Which of the following well-known actors was NOT in the Royal Box for this year’s Djokovic – Federer Wimbledon final?

a.     Bradley Cooper

b.     Samuel Jackson

c.     Benedict Cumberbatch

d.     Chris Hemsworth

4.     Who are the only two men’s players to win Grand Slam titles in their teens, 20s and 30s?

a.     Boris Becker and Andre Agassi

b.     Jimmy Connors and Rod Laver

c.     Pete Sampras and Ken Rosewall

d.     Ivan Lendl and Roy Emerson


5.     Who are these two retired WTA players photographed at Wimbledon last June?

a.     Sonya Jeyaseelan and Manuela Maleeva

b.     Sonya Jeyseelan and Katerina Maleeva

c.     Sonya Jeyaseelan and Magdalena Maleeva

d.     Sonya Jeyaseelan and Sabine Haas


 6.     What is the longest tiebreak in the history of ATP and Grand Slam tennis?

a.     18-16

b.     20-18

c.     22-20

d.     23-21


7.     What is the longest tiebreak in the history of WTA and Grand Slam tennis?

a.     15-13

b.     18-16

c.     21-19

d.     27-25


8.     Which member of Vasek Pospisil’s support group is NOT in this picture?

a.     brother Tom

b.     parents Milos and Mila

c.     coach Fredéric Fontang

d.     Davis Cup captain Martin Laurendeau


9.  Has any player (or players) with the given name Roger, other than Mr. Federer, won Wimbledon in the Open Era (since 1968) of tennis?

a.     none

b.     one

c.     two

d.     none, but one named Reginald


10.  How is it determined who will sit in which courtside player’s chair for a match?

a.     first on, first choice, except for seeded players

b.     first onto the court selects where he or she sits

c.     it is pre-determined for main stadium matches

d.     first on chooses, but host country players have preference 


11.  What is Maria Sharapova pointing at?

a.     a desert cottontail rabbit loose on the Indian Wells stadium roof

b.     Grigor Dimitrov

c.     her stash of Sugarpova

d.     none of the above


12.  Two terms that are identical in ice hockey and tennis relate to…?

a.     positioning to receive serve and goaltending

b.     the side a stroke or shot is struck on

c.     a double-barreled expression describing shots hit with power and accuracy

d.     quick forward movement with acceleration


13. Who is this player?

a.     Maria Kirilenko

b.     Victoria Azarenka

c.     Kaia Kanepi

d.     Genie Bouchard


14.  Who has the highest career singles ranking?

a.     Jarkko Nieminen

b.     Ivo Karlovic

c.     Philipp Kohlschreiber

d.     Feliciano Lopez


15. In square inches, what is the head size of Roger Federer’s Wilson racquet?    

a.     95 sq. in.

b.     97 sq. in.

c.     98 sq. in.

d.     99 sq. in.


16.  What is Milos Raonic doing here?

a.     adjusting after a shot ricocheted off the net dislodging the centre strap

b.     hitting a ball into the crowd after a match

c.     hitting volleys with his opponent while the centre strap is fixed

d.     whacking a ball in anger into the net for second time after missing a shot


17.  What former Top 5 player was disqualified for showing up late for a Wimbledon junior boys semifinal in 1999?

a.      David Nalbandian

b.      Marat Safin

c.     Gaston Gaudio

d.     Rainer Schuettler

18.    Which of these Top 200 players does NOT have a twin sister?

a.     Christina McHale

b.     Melanie Oudin

c.     Karolina Pliskova

d.     Genie Bouchard


19.  Since the introduction of the ATP computer rankings in 1973, how many fathers and sons have both made it to the Top 50?

a.     one

b.     two

c.     three

d.     four


20. Who is the man on the right with no hat in Centre Court during this year’s Wimbledon?

a.     model Garrett Neff

b.     actor Jim Parsons

c.     Canadian player Brayden Schnur

d.     SNL actor Beck Bennett


21.  If a player whiffs on a serve, is it a fault? If a player misses with his or her swing on the serve but the ball hits the racquet, is it a fault?

a.     in both cases it is not

b.     in both cases it is a fault

c.     in first case it is a fault, second it is not

d.     in first case it is not a fault, in the second it is

22.  Which of these players has earned the LEAST amount of career official prize money?

a.     Ana Ivanovic

b.     Jelena Jankovic

c.     Svetlana Kuznetsova

d.     Agnieszka Radwanska


23.  Who are these two players pictured at the Australian Open in the 20th century?


a.     Grant Connell and Sébastien Lareau

b.     Sébastien LeBlanc and Sébastien Lareau

c.     Daniel Nestor and Sébastien Lareau

d.     Daniel Nestor and Grant Connell


24.  Rafael Nadal and friends taking a break on Wimbledon’s Aorangi practice courts – what’s the nationality of the player on the court behind him?

a.     Argentine

b.     British

c.     Spanish

d.     French


25.  Who is the last player to use a wood racquet (with cosmetics to look like a composite) in a Grand Slam final?

a.     Kevin Curren at 1984 Australian Open

b.     Mikael Pernfors at 1986 Roland Garros

c.     Henri Leconte at 1988 Roland Garros

d.     Miloslav Mecir at the 1989 Australian Open


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