Tennis Canada recognized globally to assist ITF across key areas of tennis

Five Canadians have been recognized globally through appointments on the International Tennis Federation’s (ITF) 2024-25 Committees and Commissions, as announced in December.

Over 230 representatives from 68 different countries have been appointed to serve on a range of ITF Committees, Commissions and Taskforces with the goal of assisting the ITF across key areas of the sport.

Past Chair of the Board of Tennis Canada Jennifer Bishop has once again been appointed to the ITF’s Davis Cup Committee. She previously became the second woman in history to be appointed to the committee for 2022-23. In the 2024-25 appointments, a record 35 per cent are held by women, marking an increase of 7.4 per cent from the previous cycle of appointments.

“Canada continues to make tremendous strides in tennis, as evidenced by recent Billie Jean King Cup, Davis Cup and US Open victories. But in order to keep growing and achieving results like these, Tennis Canada has to do its part off the court as well,” said Peter Kruyt, Chair of the Board of Tennis Canada. “Canada is honoured to have voices working within the governing body of tennis, we can continue to work toward achieving the goal of being a leading tennis nation.”

“We’re grateful as always for the opportunity to have strong representation on the ITF Committees and Commissions and look forward to working with the ITF and other national associations to continue to promote and grow the sport of tennis across the world.”

Former Tennis Canada board member Jack Graham has been appointed the chair of the Constitutional Committee and will also serve on the Governance Structure Taskforce and the Development Advisors Group. Graham was recently re-elected to the ITF Board of Directors for a sixth consecutive term.

Peter Kruyt, current Chair of the Board of Tennis Canada, will sit on the Strategic Taskforce. Janet Petras, Tennis Canada’s Director of High-Performance Programs & Administration, will sit on the Juniors Committee while Irwin Tobias, Tennis Canada’s Advisor of Masters Tennis and Events, has been appointed to the Masters Committee.

Members of each committee, commission and taskforce are expected to fulfill their duties across the ITF’s core pillars for Governance, Sport and Participation in a manner consistent with the ITF values of good governance, integrity, inclusiveness, innovation, and collaboration.

“The 2024-2025 term will be important for the ITF as we progress the ITF2024+4 strategic priorities, continue with our governance reform, and drive towards a significant increase in tennis participation,” ITF President David Haggerty said. “Committees play a vital role, the majority of members are volunteers, providing their expertise and essential resources to achieve our goals and meet the challenges ahead.”

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