Everyone must start somewhere! With tennis on the rise in Canada, there are many ways to get involved in the sport. For someone who does not have any connections to tennis, it may seem intimidating to try and get started. However, with some helpful beginner tips, we will help you get immersed into the world of tennis – a growing sport that is committed to the betterment of our community. Whether you are looking to play or just observe the game, below are some ways you can participate!

Getting Started

Your tennis journey starts here! Learning how to play is one of the best ways to get involved in a sport like tennis. There is a lot of important information you should know about when getting started.

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The first element in getting started is having the right equipment!

You can first begin by following the Tennis Canada Equipment check list here!


Another important component in learning to play is your technique. Tennis isn’t just about hitting the ball with the racquet. There is a lot of skill and knowledge that you should know before heading to the courts.

Follow these links to learn how to play like some of Canada’s world-class athletes:


Now that you have your equipment and technique down, you’re almost ready to play a match against a friend or family member! Here are some of Tennis Canada’s resources on how to keep score, how many games are in a set, and how to play a match!

Denis Shapovalov celebrating a point

Finding a Court or club

You’re probably wondering ‘that’s great, I have everything I need to play, and I know the rules but, where is a court that’s accessible for me to play on?’  

Tennis Canada has you covered! By clicking here you will be able to find a tennis court closest to you anyway in Canada!

Tips for Parents 

Félix Auger-Aliassime and his father Sam Aliassime at a press conference
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Finding a sport that best suits your child can be difficult. If you are looking to try a new way for your child to socialize and experience healthy competition at any level. Follow the links to learn more about tennis school, Orange and Green Ball Circuit, Rogers Community Teams, children’s equipment and simplified rules for your child.

Girls. Set. Match

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Tennis Canada and National Bank have partnered up to create meaningful action and change for gender equality in tennis. As part of the initiative, Tennis Canada and National Bank will create new opportunities for women and girls encouraging them to continue to play and enticing even more to pick up a racket.

Tennis Canada

How to sign up for leagues of any level: 

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With a mission to lead the growth of tennis in Canada, Tennis Canada offers several resources for players of any age to participate competitively in the sport. There are several leagues across many different provinces in Canada where you or your child can get involved in the community. Below is a list of leagues that are available for you, or your child.


To find your beat: Find your beat  


Adults 35 and older can participate in adult leagues around Canada. These provincial leagues offer approximately 1 or 2.5 hours a week so you can stay fit and healthy throughout the year! Click here!

Community Tennis Leagues are also available to players over the age of 18 in certain Canadian provinces. Learn more here.


For wheelchair leagues 

If you follow the link you can find several guides, manuals and various documents which touch the development of wheelchair tennis players and also the development of coaches.

wheelchair player serving
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How to keep up with Canadian athletes: 

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With tennis being a year-round sport, you won’t want to miss out on any of the tournaments that are happening around the world and here in Canada. Tennis Canada offers tennis enthusiasts several resources to stay up to date on all things tennis! 

To find out which Canadian athletes are playing from the junior level to professional Men and Women’s tennis and where to watch them play on TV Canadians in Action and Tennis on TV has you covered. You will be able to access all the draws and live results of tennis tournaments that are covered around the world and what channel is broadcasting the event.

To follow along on social platforms follow Tennis Canada on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, to receive live updates and news from your cellular device.  

If you miss a game or don’t have time to watch during the workday, Monday Digest gives fans a quick run down of the previous week so you don’t miss a beat. And to keep up with tennis news during your commute, you can always listen to Tennis Canada’s official podcasts – Match Point Canada and Sur La Ligne.

Photo: Martin Sidorjak

Are you someone who enjoys watching tennis and competing with other fans? Then Tennis Canada’s Bracket Challenge presented by National Bank is the place for you! To compete with other fans and for a chance to win fun Tennis Canada merch and other tennis memorabilia click the link: Bracket Challenge

To see some of the action in Canada that you have been watching throughout the tennis season, you can get tickets to the National Bank Open presented by Rogers and witness some of your favourite players live in Toronto and Montreal!