Team Canada at Davis Cup Jrs

Photo : ITF

After a successful group stage at the 2023 Davis Cup Juniors finals, Team Canada could not get past the quarter-finals in their title bid. 

Team Canada’s 2-1 record propelled them to the knock-out stages of the tournament but lost its three matches against Spain. 

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Despite the team’s loss, they were able to play two more teams on Saturday and Sunday to determine where, exactly, in the standings they would fall.  

They were placed in a bracket alongside the Netherlands, Germany, and Great Britain, and were matched up against the British. 

Their second tie also did not go as planned. They dropped two of their three matches against the U.K., leading them to play one last match on Sunday to determine whether they’d finish in seventh or eighth place. 

With two tough losses to start the knock-out round, Team Canada finally came out with a victory on the final day. The team got the best of Germany in three matches to avoid finishing in eighth place. 

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Czechia was crowned champion after defeating Great Britain and Spain in its quest to the finals. In a tightly contested tie against Italy, Czechia secured the title in three matches. 

With the 2023 Davis Cup Juniors now in the rearview mirror, the Billie Jean King Cup Juniors will be the next event to keep an eye out for Canada’s rising stars.