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Age: 15
Birthdate: November 27, 2004
Birthplace: Mississauga, Ontario
Residence: Montreal, Quebec
Height: 5'9 1/2" (1.74 m)
Plays: Right-handed, Two-handed backhand
What is your earliest tennis memory?: When I went to the Rogers Cup when I was 5 years old.
How, where and when did you start playing tennis?: I started in Toronto when I was 5 because I saw my brother playing and I wanted to play too.
Who is your biggest inspiration? : My parents
How has your family impacted your tennis career?: My mom moved to Montreal and my family has spent a lot of time travelling with me.
What is your favourite sport other than tennis?: Basketball
Favourite sports team? : Toronto Raptors
Favourite athlete?: Novak Djokovic
Favourite TV show?: Lucifer
Favourite food?: Pizza
Which actor/actress would play you in a movie?: Mila Kunis
Super power you wish you could have?: Mind reader
Secret obsession?: Chocolate
What’s one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?: I talk in my sleep
Describe yourself in 3 words.: Hard worker, funny, determined
If you weren’t playing tennis, what would you be doing?: I would go to school and become a fashion designer
Other than tennis, what are you most passionate about?: Fashion
Most memorable moment on and off the court? : When I hit with Bianca Andreescu at the Rogers Cup and when I got 2 of Djokovic’s racquets
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