Tom Tebbutt

Experts Corner
March 3, 2020
Louis Borfiga, Tennis Canada’s Vice President of High Performance, has been with the national sport governing body since 2006. He came to Canada after working at the French Tennis...
Experts Corner
February 25, 2020
It was quite a seven days in Canadian tennis – four men made it to the quarter-finals of ATP Tour events and, almost when no one was looking, 17-year-old...
Experts Corner
February 18, 2020
These are interesting times in tennis with players from across the age spectrum providing compelling stories. Last week, with 38-year-old Roger Federer, 33-year-old Rafael Nadal or 32-year-old Novak Djokovic...
Davis/Fed Cup
February 11, 2020
February is the most forgettable month on the tennis calendar, except possibly for this year’s anomaly that had the Australian Open women’s and men’s finals carried over to February...
Davis/Fed Cup
February 8, 2020
Watching Leylah Annie Fernandez play tennis you sometimes ask has anyone ever played the sport so intensely, determinedly and with 100 per cent commitment? She has a deliberate, measured...