Andy thanks the crowd after an emotional win

Photo : cinch Championships

We are now deep into the grass season and it’s time to switch the French accent for a British one. Cuppa tea?

To celebrate the time of year we come back to the roots of tennis, there’s no better way than celebrating this amazing Scot who became the first male player from Great Britain to win Wimbledon since 1938.

(Wimbledon, this should be your official poster, by the way.)

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Ah come on, Andy, you’ll make us cry too! He’s so authentic and open… sometimes too open? Lol

Always so cute to see thos tennis legends just being regular parents. Just like Serena being a super mom to Olympia as per usual!

But in all seriousness, be ready, because Wimbledon outfits this year will be on 🔥!

Pick a better name, US Open!

Like, seriously, this is why you get yourselves in this situation… 🤦

Just kidding, I’m actually super stoked about the US Open this year! No crowd in the world like in New York.

Auger-Aliassime beats Federer

Did anyone see this coming? Go Félix, all the way!

And look who’s got an undefeated record against Roger now… 😏

Ostapenko Reactions

It’s no news that Jelena Ostapenko is one of the most expressive players out there. Well, for me it is actually, so here’s a couple from her this week. 😅

Apparently Karatsev has some good ones too, can’t wait to pick up some more.

Bencic crazy hot shot of the year?

Where’s Aga Radwanska, I need her input.

Rafa’s bday is officially tennis day (in Spain)

If I found out my birthday was now a holiday, I would have that exact same reaction. Best gift ever!

And despite not winning his 14th Roland Garros, he takes the cake on social media this week.

Here’s the full speech in case you want to watch it (they cut the good part though.)