medvedev confused on clay courts

Photo : Corinne Dubreuil/ATP Tour

Every year, we celebrate one of the most iconic pieces of pop culture ever created: the Star Wars universe. Thanks to George Lucas, so many proud fans can happily imagine what the world would be like with blasters, lightsabers, galactical space travel, and, of course, the Force.

And we in tennis like to imagine lightsabers in players hands and spaceships over the stadiums. Obviously.

Now, this isn’t about tennis, but I couldn’t let this one pass by: it’s the most realistic lightsaber ever created that exists in real life! This better be true (and available commercially) Disney.

DaniIl hates clay

I’ve said in the past just how much I love clay. The movement, the game style, the look of the court.

But not everyone enjoys clay. Men’s World No. 3 Daniil Medvedev has been expressing, in his own unique way, just how much he… well, isn’t exactly fond of the surface.

And just because it’s Medvedev, he is very aware of himself and makes a quite intelligent sarcastic joke about his sentiments.

Hope you come to actually like playing on clay someday, Daniil!

Thiem is back

After a lengthy pause from the tour, one of the hardest hitters in men’s tennis and one of the best clay-court players of this generation, Dominic Thiem is back!

Isn’t it a joy to see him just ripping those beautiful one-handed backhands?

Also great to see he’s in a good mood too 😂😂

Barty Party

Women’s World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty has officially forgotten how to lose. She looks so set to win this and pretty much every tournament she enters now. And doing so in a great mood, smiles all over!

No wonder we’re calling this the ‘Barty Party.’ And I’m all in for it.

Wholesome tweets

To conclude today’s tweets round up, here’s just a short list of wholesome content.

Starting with this hilarious tweet by none other than Roger Federer. I’ll be honest, I had to check twice that it was him.

And in light of Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, Caro Wozkinacki’s golf swing while very pregnant is quite good! Happy to see she’s doing so well 😊

Speaking of feeling well, what great news: Juan Martin Del Potro is almost ready to get back on court! Hoping all goes smoothly and you get to amaze us with those unbelievable forehands again!