Billie Jean King stands with Leylah Fernandez

Photo : @BillieJeanKing

The tennis off-season is now in full swing. Some players are relaxing in various locations, while others are still making the public rounds.

That includes Canada’s new tennis queen, who got to hang out with one of the sports all-time greats.

Check it out:

Celeb Spotting

This week was the SI Awards, where the great Billie Jean King was receiving an award. Also in attendance was one of the game’s best rising stars.

Billie Jean wasn’t the only celeb Leylah was hanging out with last week.

Queen of France

The French Open made a very positive step forward this week.

And the sports most famous trailblazer approves.

Looking for Peng Shuai

The question of Peng Shuai’s safety continues to hang over the tennis world. This week, Nicolas Mahut upped the ante.

Well played, Nico. Well played.

Watch out

Rafael Nadal announced this week he will return to the tour in Melbourne. Maybe he’ll be wearing his fancy new watch.

Yes, that’s a watch ad, but it confirms that Rafa can rock a turtleneck.

Vacation time

Everyone enjoys their breaks in different ways.


“Dad, you’re embarrassing me” -Flaminia Fognini, probably.