Roger Federer standing in front of the Centre Court at Wimbledon and smiling to the camera

Photo : @rogerfederer Instagram

Wimbledon, the timeless tournament… After one year without it, I’m getting so excited that I didn’t even need coffee this week! (Just kidding.)

Funny thing: Federer, Venus, and Serena have 19 Wimbledon titles between them. They all are also going to be over 40 years old this year. And they are still playing. Mind blowing!

What a joy. 😍

A few days left before The Championships

Many fans and players alike seem to be just happy that we can all see the beautiful grass before day 1 starts, and appreciate the return of arguably the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. And probably the one with the most beautiful site!

Wimbledon Throwback

Of course that in a tournament that basically founded tennis, there would be iconic champions and iconic moments. Just like “You cannot be serious!” moment with John McEnroe, one of the first tennis memes ever!

This one is not at Wimbledon, but it’s a match between Andy Murray, the Brit who broke the 77-year-long wait for a Wimbledon British male champion at Wimbledon, and Rafa Nadal, who had just won what is probably the best Wimbledon match of all time against Roger Federer. And you can watch it in full on YouTube. 💯

That one photo

Now, I get it, I would also like to take a picture inside Centre Court, with no one else in, I’d feel very VIP. But does it have to be the same photo for everyone? lol 😂

Félix Auger Ailassime stands in front of Centre Court Wimbledon wearing a mask
Photo : @felixaliassime Instagram

Also, it’s a sad moment, but Halep had to withdraw from the tournament due to injury. Here’s just a few posts of her being happy at the All England Club. Hope to see you on court next year, Simona!

Since Nadal has also withdrawn, I feel like giving him a win here. People make fun of his English skills since forever, but let’s see them trying to speak Spanish! You show ‘em, Rafa.


Let’s face it: we can’t ignore the fact that the Montreal Canadiens have reached their first Stanley Cup final since 1993. This is a sports page, and we have a tournament in Montreal, so I can’t just not talk about it… especially because some of our favourite players were talking about it also! 🏒

Wimbledon is back, the Canadiens are back in the Stanley Cup Final… I know some people who are pretty darn happy this summer.