The Canadian Tournament Circuit consists of 6 ITF tournaments and the Birmingham National Championships. The Circuit provides international competitive opportunities from the ITF Futures to ITF 2 Series levels, and a National Championship for all to play. Additional provincial level tournaments, leagues and fun tennis days are organized regularly.

The International Tennis Federation offers a professional circuit of over 160 tournaments worldwide. They range from elite Grand Slam events played in conjunction with the able-bodied professionals to Future Series events for lower ranked players.

Fighting for the Rights of Wheelchair Athletes

The Birmingham Family is among Canada’s most staunch supporters of wheelchair tennis. Through the Tennis Matters campaign, the family has given over $1,000,000 to provide Canada’s wheelchair tennis athletes with enhanced funding and competitive opportunities.

Their commitment started in 2003 when they agreed to assist with the hosting costs for the Canadian Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships in Stoney Creek, Ontario and provide travel grants for Canadian players to participate in the event.

Since then, their generosity has expanded to new heights. In 2006, they put forth funding for the Canadian National Wheelchair Tennis Championships, which were renamed the Birmingham Nationals in their honour. This money goes towards tournament enhancements, travel grants for national and provincial team players and $15,000 of prize money for the competitors. In addition to this they support the Birmingham Canadian Classic, formerly known as the ITF 2 Canadian Open

They also created the Birmingham Family Tennis Chair Award, which is presented annually to a deserving wheelchair tennis athlete for the purchase of a new tennis chair to help their professional development.