Roger Federer

April 27, 2022
My apologies to the purists and traditionalists, but I’m putting the issue back on the table. For several years, I’ve been emphatically advocating for electronic line-calling (ELC) on clay....
Experts Corner
February 9, 2022
Some remain stoic, while others collapse. And others still become totally euphoric.   From blockbuster Slams to the humblest of Challenger events, there’s no telling how a player will celebrate...
In Play
January 5, 2022
They’re a small but mighty contingent. Tough opponents who can sabotage any game plan simply because they hit contrary to 90% of players out there. They’re the lefties. As...
Experts Corner
December 20, 2021
1. Since the suspension of pro tennis because of the COVID-19 pandemic from March, 2020, until it resumed in August of 2020, which player has won the most matches...
In Play
December 15, 2021
Is it possible to have followed Venus and Serena from the time rumours about their greatness began swirling in the early 1990s to their most recent matches this past...
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