As self-quarantine stretches into week two and Canadians across the country are being told to “go home and stay home,” professional athletes from across the globe have more time than ever on their hands. Many tennis players are finding new ways to keep entertained, and one is a match made in tennis heaven: American pro tennis player Kristie Ahn and viral content hotbed TikTok.

Ahn, currently ranked 97th on the WTA Tour, began making the short-form mobile videos last week, and we can’t stop laughing. We know the former Stanford Cardinal was funny before she discovered TikTok, but the humour and relatability of these are off the charts.

This one is just a little too accurate.

Would be nice to go to a party right about now.

Gotta be extra careful of those sneezes these days…

Feeling like playing tennis without shoes would be so liberating!

This spin on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, though.

If you’re a Djokovic fan, maybe skip the next one…

If this has ever happened to you…you just know.

“Wait, you guys are getting paid?”

This one is too relatable; tennis players just can’t get enough of those white towels.

Ahn created this last one just a few hours ago. If you’re looking for wholesome content and you don’t follow her, there’s no better time than now! @kristieahn on Twitter and TikTok.

(Feature image: Instagram/@kahn1)