From the first shot to the highest levels, the Whole Player Development Pathway (WPDP) provides recommendations for various development stages and pathways.

The WPDP also provides guidelines for training and competition to help players achieve their potential and, ultimately, enjoy tennis for life. This holistic approach, which includes four pathways, aims to develop great tennis players—and great people who can be role models and inspire future generations of tennis players, fans, supporters and Canadians.

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The complete performance standards can be found here

Many international players, promising Canadian youngsters and established Davis/Fed Cup team members have received wild cards into either the main draw or qualifying tournament at Canada’s international men’s and women’s championships. When a player’s ranking is not high enough to gain entry into a professional event run by Tennis Canada, an Events or Player Development Wild Card may be provided to him/her to enhance the event or meet Tennis Canada’s Player Developments long term objectives.


  • National Bank Open (Men’s and Women’s)
  • Challengers events
  • ITF junior events
  • Open events


To provide a Wild Card distribution system capable of meeting our stated national team while respecting our values of excellence, accountable, equity and fairness. These guidelines will be capable of adapting to unpredictable circumstances.


The success of the National Bank Open Men’s and Women’s events is important to ensure Player Development funding. Thus, the events department will determine international Wild Cards to enhance and ensure a healthy bottom line for these events, albeit full efforts are made to ensure spots are available for Canadian players. The Player Development department will determine the order of merit for Canadian players vying for Wild Cards.

Player Development has established the long-term objective of cultivating an environment of excellence by developing a strong national team program and a system capable of developing Grand Slam, Olympic & Paralympic singles champions. Wild Cards will be used as tools to achieve these long-term objectives

Wild Card Allocation:

  • National Bank Open Men’s and Women’s events Wild Cards to international players.
  • Development wild cards to Canadian players. A wild card committee (decision making) will be developed to assist with the decision-making process.

Wild Card Selection Guidelines

To be eligible for a Player Development wild card, a player must:

  • Be a Canadian Citizen on the date the wild card selection committee meets.
  • If offered, sign a Davis / Fed Cup or National Team Player Agreement with Tennis Canada.
  • If asked, make him/herself available to represent Canada in all ties during the calendar year in which the wild card is being allocated.
  • If internationally ranked, enter* the event through the appropriate governing body;
  • Be in good standing with Tennis Canada, his/her respective Provincial Tennis Association and the official governing body of the event (ATP, WTA, ITF).
  • Be physically healthy, fit and pursue a full-time career. ***
  • Have given his/her best effort in all matches which he/she has represented Canada and/or in which he/she has received a wild card from Tennis Canada. If any player fails to give his/her best effort, as determined by the wild card selection committee, they will forfeit the right to a Tennis Canada wild card for a twelve month period.

*- As a general rule, players must enter events to be eligible for wild cards. The spirit of this entry guideline is to ensure no Wild Cards are “wasted” due to players not entering events in a timely manner. Exceptions will be made to the above rule due to unforeseen circumstances and modifications to schedules. All exceptions will be determined by the wild card selection committee on a case basis.

*** – Defined as a commitment to compete full time during the calendar year. Players will confirm their intentions by developing and submitting a competitive schedule (upon request). This schedule must be approved by the Wild Card selection committee.

All Wild Cards will be awarded by the Wild Card Selection Committees.

National Bank Open, Masters Series and Challengers:

  1. Vice-President, High Performance
  2. Davis Cup Captain or Fed Cup Captain
  3. Men’s or Women’s National Coach
  4. Director, High Performance


  1. Vice-President, High Performance
  2. Men’s or Women’s National Coach
  3. Director, High Performance
  4. The Wild Card Selection Committee will consider the guidelines below. Please be aware that meeting these guidelines does not automatically guarantee a wild card. The committee has latitude to use subjectivity in its final decisions for wildcard selection.


  • Representing Canada
  • Meeting Performance Standards (juniors, transition and college)
  • Rankings: ATP/WTA/college/juniors and recent results
  • Other: History and excellence


  • Singles ranking = singles wild card
  • Doubles ranking = doubles wild card
  • The Wild Card selection committee will decide doubles pairings for all events.


Player Development has established the long-term objective of cultivating an environment of excellence by developing a strong national team program and a system capable of developing Grand Slam, Olympic and Paralympic singles champions.

Wild cards will be used as tools to achieve these long-term objectives. Other than National Bank Open Wild Cards, all other Wild Cards will be communicated 3-5 days ahead of the start of the event.

**Please note that applications for the Sport Canada Carding Program will open in December and close March 1 annually. Please refer to the carding criteria and carding tables for more details.

View the AAP Carding Criteria

View Carding Tables

Tennis Canada provides programs and benefits for high performance athletes who participate in the Junior Nationals and meet designated performance standards.

Adhering to the Junior Nationals Participation policy is a requirement to be eligible for the programs and benefits listed below:

  • Wild Card Assistance
  • Sponsorship Assistance
  • International Tours
  • International Team Event Selections
  • National Training Camps
  • Full-time Montreal NTC or NJTP Programs in the regions
  • Sport Canada Carding Program

The full Junior Nationals Participation Policy can be found here