The Steve Stevens Senior National Championships came to a close this past weekend, where a series of athletes from age categories 35-85 were crowned national champions. The Championships were hosted at a number of prestigious tennis clubs around the city of Vancouver, Canada, from August 21 to 27. The tournament invites the best of each age category to compete for the national title – and this year the athletes did not disappoint.

Photo: Tennis Canada

In the Men’s and Women’s 30 plus category, Wesley Bertsch and Khristina Blajkevitch won both the singles and doubles titles alongside their partners Will Connolly and Shiera Stuart.

The remaining results for the 30-35 category:

  • Men’s Singles 30 – Wesley Bertsch
  • Women’s Singles 30 – Khristina Blajkevitch
  • Men’s doubles 30 – Wesley Bertsch and Will Connolly
  • Women’s doubles 30 – Khristina Blajkevitch and Shiera Stuart
  • Men’s Singles 35 – Kirill Valentinovich Sinitsyn
  • Women’s Singles 35 – Ariadna Noriega
  • Men’s Doubles 35 – Grant Stuart Findley-Shiras and Kirill Valentinovich Sinitsyn
  • Women’s Doubles 35 – Kasia Poplawski and Jessica Rush

In the Men’s 40 draw, former ITF World No. 1 Henry Choi won the title against Jeremy Salvo, who had to bow out of the final match. Henry defeated all his opponents in straight sets en route to the championship match. With the win, Choi now has four Steve Stevens titles to his name.

Another outstanding performance at the tournament was by the No. 1 women’s doubles seeds, Margit Aardmaa and Michelle Sing who claimed both the Women’s 45 and 50 doubles championship titles. Both women have impressive doubles wins this year, with Aardmaa winning 14 of her 16 matches and Sing claiming 17 wins.

Photo: Tennis Canada

The remaining results for the 40-50 category:

  • Men’s Singles 40 – Henry Choi
  • Women’s Singles 40 – Kristi Tremble
  • Men’s Doubles 40 – Fiachra Michael Lennon and Jeremy Salvo
  • Women’s Doubles 40 – Kanta Murali and Madia Petryshyn
  • Men’s Singles 45 – Jason Christie
  • Women’s Singles 45 – Kanta Murali
  • Men’s Doubles 45 – Jason Christie and Glen Harwood
  • Women’s Doubles 45 – Margit Aardmaa and Michelle Sing
  • Men’s Singles 50 – Ernesto Ponce
  • Women’s Singles 50 – Jennifer Cherneski
  • Men’s Doubles 50 – Hannes Blum and Max A Brown
  • Women’s Doubles 50 – Margit Aardmaa and Michelle Sing

The National Bank Open presented by Roger’s Tournament Director, Karl Hale, made an appearance in the 55-plus category to take home the Steve Stevens National title. Hale only dropped a set to doubles champion Steve Leier in the semi-final round. In the finals, Hale fought back from a set down to claim his victory against Glenn Richards (5-7, 6-4, 6-4).

Photo: Tennis Canada

In the 60-plus category, Erin Boynton had a magnificent performance, outscoring her opponents 48-8 to claim the national title. This would make it Boynton’s fourth Steve Stevens National title to date.

The remaining results for the 55-65 category:

  • Men’s Singles 55 – Karl Hale
  • Women’s Singles 55 – Sue Hatch
  • Men’s Doubles 55 – Craig Hiddleston and Steve Leier  
  • Women’s Doubles 55 – Carol Lau and Roswitha Rosie Schaich
  • Men’s Singles 60 – Stephen Kimoff
  • Women’s Singles 60 – Erin Boynton
  • Men’s Doubles 60 – Stephen Kimoff and Bill Wang
  • Women’s Doubles 60 – Brenda Cameron and Janice Hebert
  • Men’s Singles 65- John Picken
  • Women’s Singles 65 – Patricia Babcock
  • Men’s Doubles 65 – Robert Bettauer and David James Fairbotham
  • Women’s Doubles 65 – Cyndy Bray and Jeanie Maceachem

In the Men’s 80 singles draw, it was Shaheer Mikhail who claimed the Steve Stevens title in a straight-set victory over Horst Dammholz 6-0, 6-0. Dammholz fought his way through to the final in a marathon match against Ali Bacha, in the semi-final round, the final score being 7-6(4),4-6,10-5.

The remaining results for the 70-85 category:  

  • Men’s Singles 70 – Tim Griffin
  • Women’s Singles 70 – Janice Holloway
  • Men’s Doubles 70 – Warren Lore and Oscar Woodman
  • Women’s Doubles 70 – Janice Clark and Janice Holloway
  • Men’s Singles 75 – Kenneth William Dahl
  • Women’s Singles 75 – Jeannette Mcglone
  • Men’s Doubles 75 – Joe Forrayi and Kenneth William Dahl
  • Women’s Doubles 75 – Gisela Heidemarie Nouisser and Anne Rungi
  • Men’s Singles 80 – Shaheer Mikhail
  • Men’s Doubles 80 – Bob Awrey and Ali Bacha
  • Singles 85 – George Lyell Morfitt

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