Tennis Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Kimberley Medeiros as the Director of Women and Girls Advancement, a new position created specifically to help the organization in advancing gender equality and growing the participation of women and girls in tennis, while maximizing their potential at all levels of the sport.

In collaboration with the Vice-President of Tennis Participation and Partnerships, Kimberley Medeiros will spearhead the strategic direction and operational development of a new women and girls in tennis participation strategy, building on the strategic development already carried out within Tennis Canada. She will also look to increase opportunities for women in leadership in tennis and expand their visibility throughout Canada, while striving to create inclusive environments within the sport where women and girls can thrive.

“Kimberley has an impressive track record in the development and administration of philanthropic and participative programs, multiple stakeholder management and operational excellence,” said Eva Havaris, Vice-President of Tennis Participation and Partnerships at Tennis Canada. “She is a transformation leader who possesses unique expertise, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her. As announced in May 2021, Tennis Canada partnered with National Bank on the creation and implementation of a long-term equality strategy for the next ten years. Kimberley’s arrival is an important step towards the realization of this strategy, and one that will generate many new possibilities for all women and girls in our sport ».

Moreover, Kimberley Medeiros will play a key leadership role in influencing change in behaviours and practices that will contribute to the advancement of women and girls in tennis. Within the organization and with Tennis Canada’s various stakeholders, she will devote serious sustained effort towards the reinforcement or modification of existing practices and the establishment of new ones to make tennis one of the most compelling sports to be part of in Canada.

Photos: Tennis Canada

She will also look to build on the tremendous work that has already been done in 2021 for the advancement of women and girls in tennis by a committee composed of several Tennis Canada’s female employees: Valérie Tétreault (Communications), Anita Comella (Facilities development), Anne Bees (Officiating), Janet Petras (High Performance), Julie Gravel (Marketing), Séverine Tamborero (Coach, High Performance), Marie-France Mercier (Coach Education and Services), Nicole Artuso (Members Services and Events), Paola Toribio (Ticketing), Audrey Boyle (Corporate Partnerships).

“I am very pleased to be joining Tennis Canada—an organization that shares many of my personal values,” affirmed Kimberley Medeiros. “Canadian tennis is surging, and I am very privileged to play a part in its evolution and have the opportunity to contribute to its transformation by creating more opportunities for women and girls to thrive through the sport.”

Prior to joining Tennis Canada, Kimberley was the director of Build our Kids’ Success (BOKS), an in-school physical activity initiative of the Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation (RCFF) to get kids active and develop a lifelong commitment to health and fitness, regardless of age, ability, or socioeconomic situation. She most notably helped the program grow from two to 4,400 schools nationally, with a volunteer base of 4,600 and 453,000 children active each year. She also contributed to the successful transition of the RCFF from a corporate not-for-profit to a registered public charity.

Over the last 15 years, she also cultivated multiple work experiences in a wide range of areas, from marketing and communications to government partnerships and relations, fundraising, philanthropy and stakeholder management. Adept at leading high-performing and diverse teams, she will now look to make use of her many skills to create meaningful change in tennis, on and off the court.