Leylah Fernandez making heart symbold with hands smiling on court

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It’s Valentine’s Day! Whether you choose to enjoy the day alongside your significant other or decide to take some time for yourself, there’s one thing that will always accept all of your love: tennis!

Scoring System

The tennis scoring system is very unique. It’s all about the key moments in a match. Winning the most important points is what gets you the win. Players could even end up winning a match, having won fewer points than their opponent. This is what allows for the great comebacks, the epic matches, the unpredictability of any result. Am I sitting here for one hour or four? Who knows?

Plus, what other sport has “Love” as an official score? Gotta love it.

Tennis all year

While many sports have a long off-season break, tennis goes on pretty much all year long. The first official WTA and ATP tournaments start during the first week of January and are played throughout the year until late November/early December. There are even ITF tournaments and Challenger events played during the holiday season.

As a fan, you can truly never get bored with tennis. Beyond the top players, there will be someone playing at almost any time during the year.

The importance of the women’s game

Unfortunately, not many sports can boast that both male and female athletes have equal opportunities. In tennis, however, the gap is consistently narrowing towards equality – not only in play but also in visibility. Women enjoy plenty of TV time and sold-out stadiums. Fans only stand to gain, as we get more great tennis to watch and love!

While this is currently a privilege, we hope this item will eventually drop out of this list as ALL sports should give equal opportunity to men and women – and we’ll also keep working to keep girls in tennis, at all levels and in every area of the game.

The Grand Slams

Every year in tennis, we get to witness the best players of our generation face off against one another in the most important tournaments of our sport: The Grand Slams (or majors, as officially named). We love that we do not have to wait for the best events for four years or two. They are guaranteed to happen EVERY year.


Another thing to love about the Grand Slams is that the four events hold the same importance. While it’s cool to follow an athlete’s or a team’s progression all the way to the finals or the playoffs, we tennis fans definitely love that we have our most prominent tournaments not only every year, but four times a year. It’s fantastic that we only have to wait a few months for the next big trophy to be lifted.

It’s easy to pick up

Following the pros is great, but it’s also a joy to be able to pick up a racquet, go to the court, and hit a few balls. Who hasn’t played an epic match themselves, whether it was in a club tournament or at the park for an afternoon of physical activity?

We love that tennis is easy to pick up and so much fun to play.

A game for the ages – and for everyone

And of course, not only can you easily pick up tennis, you can play the sport forever! No matter how old or young you are, tennis is for you. Some of the best players we have ever seen started playing before they could even read. And some amateur players still hungry for competition are playing in their 90s!

One of the main things we love about tennis, regardless of age, you can easily pick it up and keep playing for as long as you live.

It’s all over the world

Touring tennis players travel to many different countries and cities to play tournaments. For the players, it’s a great way to visit cities and never be in the same place for too long at a time. And for tennis fans, this means we have a great chance to find a tournament nearby and witness this awesome sport in person!

For tennis lovers, there is very little not to love about tennis.

Photo : Peter Power/Tennis Canada