Félix and Leylah pose for a photo by a Moose statue painted with black and red, Team Canada's colours

Photo : @leylahfernandez

The Canadian tennis team has arrived in Tokyo earlier this week, and they are soaking in every moment! I must say, I love that moose, it’s a great touch. 🍁

Here’s Félix giving us a tour of the Olympic village. It really is a dream come true for any athlete to go to the Olympics! Must be fun, I reckon. 😊

Leylah is also enjoying every moment! She will be posting A TON of stories in the next few days, so make sure you follow her on Instagram and Twitter for more fun Tokyo Olympics content! Like, it’s a lot lol

All the other athletes from the other countries are enjoying it too, it’s just such a great moment to see so many highly talented people in the same place, ready to play for their countries and be happy together! I love the Olympic Games. ❤️

Naomi Osaka makes (more) history

A moment for the history books: trail blazing Naomi Osaka lit up the Olympic Cauldron. This woman is special and will leave a mark like no one ever did in tennis when she’s done. But first, I’m just excited to see her play in the next couple days!

Djokovic and fans 

Novak Djokovic just won his 20th major title at Wimbledon and is now on the verge of a historical season where he could become the first male player ever to win all four majors and the Olympic gold in the same year.

But he’s not the only one making the most of this moment: many athletes also happen to be big fans of Nole’s and are making another dream come true during the Olympics… by taking selfies with the Serb. 📸

There are so many there could be an article just with those selfies. And Djokovic seems to be enjoying his fame too haha what a goof! 😂

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Kvitova is the flag bearer

Another tennis player making history in this year’s Olympics is two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova. She definitely deserved this special honour, and I don’t think anyone is close to disagreeing!

Tsitsipas’ lo-fi album

To wrap things ups this week, here’s a surprise: Stefanos Tsitsipas released a lo-fi hip hop album. I don’t know how many people knew about his musical side, but I am flabbergasted, because it’s… really good? 🤔

So many talents.